Container Gardening – Small theme container gardens

A garden does not need to be big to produce food. It can be a small container or porch box easily accessible from the kitchen or porch. You can even move them indoors in the fall or use small pots and have a collection on your windowsill.

I like to have a few close container gardens in the summer and I like to change them from year to year for a different look and “just for fun.”

How about assembling a theme container garden?

A Pizza theme garden would be appreciated by many and could have cherry tomatoes, green peppers, basil, onions, oregano and garlic.

Soups are very popular and a Soup theme garden could include carrots, onions, garlic, celery, and Roma tomatoes. This could also be an early and late garden that would extend your garden season. If you could find an old huge pottery bowl this would make a great container.

A Salad theme garden would easily grow Bibb lettuce, spinach, butter crunch lettuce, and scallions. By growing different colored lettuces you would have interesting color. Or plant one Swiss chard brilliant colors plant

Herb container gardens are fun and can be set up for a Theme tea garden or a Spice garden with you favorite spices needed in the kitchen. There’s something about a herb plant that makes me want to add more garden art to the container. Gnomes and small porcelain animals seem to find their way into my plantings

I picture a tea garden with teacups in the container and possibly a teapot.

At the end of this season I needed a break from any gardening but still wanted a unique look by the house so I took all the window boxes which I usually put away for the winter and headed the my “Creation Corner” in the barn. This is where I keep by auction, dumpster diving finds and pieces for mosaic work.

I dug through some beautiful mismatched plates and cups and came up with interesting pieces. By using pebbles for fill I arranged the plates and teacup in such a way to make an interesting flower box. I made sure the boxes had color and height and each box had one different piece in it. One had a teapot, one a meat grinder and one an old-fashioned eggbeater. I also added a few nice artificial flowers for more color.

I changed these once in the fall and them took out the flowers by the Christmas holidays and replaced them with gold and red glass bulbs.

Gardening is all about fun!

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