Create a Garden Trellis with Sunflower Stalks

Sunflowers add to any garden with their bright colors and sunny inspiration. Besides being easy to use they make a great cut flower. They come in a variety of colors and grow as small as two foot to as tall as 15 foot. Bright flowers and blue skies
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Sunflowers are always a part of my gardens. I have planted sunflower mazes, sunflower houses, and sunflower tunnels. These gardens have been favorites in the neighborhood, and with the birds!

Sunflowers also grow great in containers and can be grown indoors the winter for color and to add cheer to the home.

They can be dried for crafts, used for bird feeders and even made into mini furniture and garden art or trellises.

How to Build a Sunflower Stalk Trellis

Once the sunflower season has ended and you have harvested the flowers its time to harvest the sunflower stalks. Use pruning sheers to cut the stalks off at ground level.

Remove any branches or leaves and let dry for a few days. I store them in a dark place lying down with space between each stalk. I turn them over in two days and let dry for another two days.

Select two strong stalks that are about the same size in height and thickness to use as trellis sides. Cut several smaller pieces for cross members.

Next assemble the side poles and cross members so that they resemble a small ladder. You can use string, plastic ties or fishing wire to attach the cross members to the supports. I prefer fishing line myself, unless I use baling twine and give it a rustic look.

Once you feel the sunflower trellis poles are totally dry spray the trellis with clear water seal spray. This will help weather proof it and make it more durable in wet or damp weather.

This will make a small interesting nice trellis with a natural look that will blend into your garden area. Three or four of these ladder trellises can be connected together to make a larger trellis or plant cage.

As you work with the sunflower stalks you will find that can be assembled into small garden fences or arbors. You can either bend a few of the stalks for a creative look or add other types of natural items to the fences and arbors such as grapevine.

It’s a fun project that children will enjoy and that will add character to your garden areas.

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4 responses to “Create a Garden Trellis with Sunflower Stalks”

  1. very creative! I have made trellises from crepe myrtle clippings before. I used biodegrable jute or something like that to tie it together so I could just throw the whole thing in the compost/woodpile later to decompose!

    Ginger’s last blog post..Blame it on the rain

  2. Denise

    I usually tear the trellis apart before deposing it but a biodegradable jute would be a great idea! Denise

  3. Diana

    I love sunflowers Denise! Great information on how to build a sunflower stalk trellis. I have to try it!


  4. Denise

    I really like sunflowers too. They add such color to a yard. I grow all the different sizes and always have the small teddy bear sunflowers growing in pots so I can give them away when people stop by. Denise

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