Create a Hanging Strawberry Basket – Unique and Functional Garden Basket

Growing strawberries can take up space but if you create a hanging strawberry garden you will save space and have strawberries close at hand.  These mini hanging gardens make growing and enjoying fresh strawberries a simple. It’s also so nice to head out the door and have fresh strawberries available.

If you have spare strawberry plants you can use those.  You can buy each item that you need separately: berries, soil and a hanging basket. But it’s often easier to buy a hanging strawberry kit that comes with everything you need. They are available at garden centers and even some greenhouses.

Plan to start your strawberry garden in early spring. I plant my basket in late April or early May. I live in a zone 5 growing climate. 

Plant the strawberries in the pot in a rich soil after putting down a moss liner. Place several strawberry plants in one basket as long as it is large enough to accommodate them. I usually put three plants in each pot.

I use a soil retention beads so that the soil does not dry out as fast. I also mulch to top of the soil to help retain moisture.

Hang the baskets in a sunny spot that receives plenty of sun. I place my hanging strawberry baskets on the front porch. They get the proper amount of sun, are easy to water and easy to harvest.

Strawberries thrive in moist soil conditions so check the soil daily.
Tip: If your strawberries do not grow, try moving them to a different area. They may need more or less direct sunlight.

I also save some of these plants to use for the following year but clipping and rooting in a cold frame later in the summer and fall months.

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