Create a Harry Potter Theme Garden.

Harry Potter books and movies have been a huge success around the world. And with the newest movie about to be released on July 17th, 2009, a Harry Potter theme garden might be a perfect addition to your garden. This could also encourage your children to take an interest in gardening. Fairy Pumpkin House (Explored)
Creative Commons License photo credit: tinyfroglet

Creating a Harry Potter theme garden will depend on your growing climate, plants available and a little creativity on your part.

Hagrid, a popular character from the story, had a garden along with a charming cottage. The cottage would be somewhat difficult to copy but a fairie house would be a good replacement and fairie homes have that mystical feel to them.

Pumpkins also grew in Hagrid’s garden. In the current movie Hagrid grows huge orange pumpkins. Any pumpkin would fit in this theme garden including the miniature pumpkins, or the Lumina pumpkins (called ghost pumpkins by some), which are white on the outside and orange on the inside.

Hellebores, which grow in a multitude of colors varieties, grow well in many climates. They are mentioned many times in the Harry Potter series and are used for making potions. The Kingston cardinal is one example of a Hellebore. Hellebore
Creative Commons License photo credit: alice-palace

There are many magical plants mentioned in the Harry Potter movie but they are not real.

But with a little creativity you can substitute actual plants in your own Harry Potter theme garden creation.

For example,

  • you could use  Balloon flowers or Chinese lanterns in place of puffapods.
  • The money plant has a unique look and would fit into the garden well.
  • Flowering cabbage or kale could be used to represent mandrakes.
  • Bat plants, Venus flytrap and any evening flower such as a moonflower would add interest to the garden.
  • And you will find many herbs would have a look that would fit into this them garden well. Ginger, sage, nettle and wormwood are a few examples.

You will learn more about all the magical plants in the world of Harry Potter by visiting  the plant section of the Harry Potter Lexicon website.

Night lights and garden art would add more interest too as would varying heights in the garden. And any garden seems to benefit from mini pond or rustic fountain.

This is a project your children may really enjoy and lead them to years of gardening. And any theme garden add fun to your garden and backyard

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8 responses to “Create a Harry Potter Theme Garden.”

  1. Diana

    Interesting concept Denise. This will surely get children involved and interested in gardening.

    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Miami Beach Florida =-.

  2. Sharon

    Love the idea of getting kids involved in the garden.

    Have them etch their name in the skin of an immature pumpkin. It will remain on it as the pumpkin matures.

    Children are thrilled by this.

  3. Hi Diana,

    Children are so much fun to watch in a garden. And if they like Harry Potter, they would enjoy a Harry Potter Garden. Denise

  4. Hi Sharon,

    My nephews have carved designs and names in pumpkins and gourds for years. It gives then something to look forward to during gardening season. Watching their pumpkin grow. Denise

  5. D S

    My daughter is very curious about the pictures above and is now asking questions!

    We are trying to grow ‘GIANT PUMPKINS’ this year. Should be interesting.

    .-= D S´s last blog ..How To Construct A Reusable Plant Trellis =-.

  6. Giant pumpkins are great fun to grow. Good luck! Denise

  7. This is a fabulous idea. I never thought of taking our families Harry Potter enthusiasm into garden activities. Can’t wait to tell the kids and get them involved.
    .-= Barry @ Harry Potter Costume´s last blog ..How to Make Your Own Harry Potter Costume =-.

  8. Aaron @ Harry Potter Costume

    Hi! This is part of the fun around Halloween. The unique and fun ideas that we’re able to come across. What a wonderful way to incorporate a fun theme for kids. Great post!
    .-= Aaron @ Harry Potter Costume´s last blog ..Quidditch Costumes =-.

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