Create a Hypertufa Garden Container

Garden Art is one of the “in” trends for this summers garden and yard. And with the interest in gardening, particularly container gardening, on the increase you may want to consider making you own hypertufa planters. It’s a fun project and also makes a great family project. Bloom
Creative Commons License photo credit: jdn

I made my first hypertufa pot in a local art society. We were encouraged to bring items to press into our pots such as rocks beads, marbles or any other found objects. I used wash glass pieces and old keys in my creation.

The you tube video below will give you a fast idea on how to make a hypertufa pot. It’s really very easy and once you start making them you will find the ideas get more creative. The look of the container also blends in to the backyard and looks wonderful near ponds or pools.

The nice thing about the hypertufa pot is that it is really an economical project. They last for a long time and can withstand harsh winters. They can be made in all sized and using peat moss instead of cement they are not as heavy as you would think so can be moved about.

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