Create a Moss Covered Garden Art Chair using Moss Milkshake

Interesting pieces of garden art add to a garden and yard. It’s easy to find chairs that need a little work at sales or along roadsides. These chairs make perfect additions to any garden and great accents for flowers .


They are also very cheap or free. By adding flowers and moss you will have a one of a kind garden decoration that will get many compliments.


Lets get started:

  • Find a chair that has a nice solid seat. 

  • Wet newspaper strips and let sit while you clean the chair.

  • Once the chair is clean cover it with the moist newspaper strips.

Cover the chair in newspaper and put a little spray adhesive down. Then cover the chair with chicken wire. This gives the moss has something to grab on to.  You can cover the chair with moss that you harvest in the woods or make moss using the recipe below. I myself recommend the moss mix. You get a more flowing look and you are not disturbing moss in the woods. Water the chair regularly in order to keep it healthy and growing. You can use a spray bottle or a hose with a spray attachment in order to keep it damp.  


  • the chair will prefer a partially shady area.

  • Add flowers on the chair set to give the piece more color.

  • I chose a metal chair that will last longer. Wood can be used but it will fall apart after a few years.

Moss milkshake

  • 1 can of beer
  • 1/2-teaspoon sugar
  • Several clumps garden moss
  • Blender
  • Paintbrush 

Gather together several clumps of moss (moss can usually be found in moist, shady places) and crumble them into a blender. Then add the beer and sugar and blend just long enough to create a smooth, creamy consistency. Pour the mixture into a plastic container and you are ready to paint and create.

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