Create a New Year’s Resolution Theme Garden

It’s the beginning of a new year and a perfect time for garden planning. I just read about a theme garden called the “New Years Resolution” Garden.

Most people have read that gardening benefits the mind, body and soul. So the purpose of the Resolution Garden is to inspire positive changes in nearly every area of one’s life.

A New Year’s Resolution Garden will bring your family closer together while helping you relax, make better food choices, save money, increase exercise and become a better steward of the environment. 7 varieties of plants, one packet each, will create an ample kitchen garden.

The New Year’s Resolution Garden provides solutions for many of your resolutions:

BETTER FOOD CHOICES – Carrots. Carrots have many valuable vitamins and make an excellent snack. There are the small finger carrots to the longer carrot varieties. This is another crop I prefer to grow in a container. They are easier to harvest from a container. Just tip it when ready to harvest.

EXERCISE – Pole Beans. Blue Lake is a very easy and heavy producer. I also like the scarlet runner bean. It is color and edible. I like to mix it in containers for a vertical garden. Staking and harvesting make it more of a vegetable where you get exercise.

LOSE WEIGHT – Lettuce or any greens. Spinach, bibb, leaf lettuce or the gourmet varieties are just a few ideas
REDUCE STRESS – Mixed Cutting Flowers. Flowers add color and atmosphere to the yard, garden areas, and containers and as cut flowers in the home. A packet of mixed cutting flowers will produce bouquets all summer long. One other flower suggestion would be nasturtiums. They are easy to grow, pretty and edible!

SAVE MONEY – Tomatoes. Tomatoes are often one of the more expensive vegetables to buy. Grow several varieties, including cherry tomatoes.

SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY – Sunflowers. Sunflowers add color and charm to any yard. They grow anywhere form 18 inches to ten foot depending on the variety. They can be used for bouquets, for crafting and for snacks. They also make great bird food and will attract birds into your garden area.

STEWARD OF THE ENVIRONMENT – Monarda Bergamo. This variety of bee balm will attract birds and beneficial insects but not suffer from the damp like many of the bee balm plants do. This is both a flower and herb with many useful purposes.

This garden can be set up in a very small area and will actually make an excellent patio or container garden. And the colors and height of the different plants will add to your garden décor but not be an overwhelming task.

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