Create an Herb Wheel planter

An herb wheel planter is a unique way to grow an herb garden. It is also practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many herb gardens were grown in such a layout in years past.

A wheel planter is essentially a type of a jardinière or container in which one grows plants. Herbs don’t need much space to grow well, which is an advantage for a small yard or garden area. And a wheel planter will use limited small growing spaces to their best advantage.

The shape of a wheel planter will also allow you to divide different types of herbs into sections. This creates a colorful garden and is easy to take care of.

You can buy a readymade wheel planter, use an existing wheel and make the necessary changes or you can make your own out of bought of found items.

One of the most inexpensive easy wheel planters to make is made with bricks or rocks. These two items will also fit into most people’s backyard and home decor.

Arrange your bricks or rocks in a circular shape on the ground to form a planter. Add a few brick or rock lines in the wheel to resemble spokes. If you make the wheel planter 6 to 12 inches tall you will be able to easily enrich the soil and make working in the garden area easier on your back.

To prepare the soil for planting the herbs, first remove a thin layer of the exiting soil to make room for the new topsoil and to cut back on weeds and grass. I use this soil I removed in a compost pile to break down into new soil.

Add new and enriched soil or compost. This will get your herbs off to a healthy start.

Plant a different kind of herb in each section. By planning ahead you can place the herbs in an interesting pattern and color or texture selection. This isn’t necessary but it adds to the interest of the garden. Herbs are interesting, have a unique history, and are very popular and easy to grow. And above all they are healthy because of their various qualities.

Many people add an herb in the center of the wheel garden to enhance its aesthetic effect. This is usually a tall plant, such as Rosemary, St. Johns Wort or Oregano. A mini fountain or garden statue is also a nice touch in a wheel planter.

Finish the wheel planter by covering its surface either with mulch or a light layer of fine gravel. This step isn’t necessary, especially if you want a thick layer of herbs in the wheel. The mulch adds to the ease of watering and in weed prevention.

An herb wheel planter will add to home and garden areas and is very easy to take care of.

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2 responses to “Create an Herb Wheel planter”

  1. Les Pat

    While I know they make them, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a store bought herb wheel actually used in a garden. Most of the folks that I know that actually grow an herb garden have cottage or kitchen type gardens that are rustic. Most of their herb garden wheels are made from rock, bricks, or even planks. As you said, these kind of elements fit almost anywhere.


  2. Melissa

    You guys are going to laugh at me. I love re-purposing.

    I wanted herbs convenient to the kitchen, on the south side of the house, and protected from being run over since they are on either side of the garage door. Can you say old tractor tires?

    I just lined the inside with a double layer of plastic and filled with dirt. This happened 2009. The black rubber is really helping to retain the heat, plants I’d normally loose to winter-kill have come back. This year I pruned, mulched, and covered my rosemary with an empty container. Looked at it yesterday since it is unseasonably warm and my favorite herb is still alive. Oregano, tarragon, fennel, and parsley all returned in 2010. Crossing fingers for 2011.

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