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Indoor greenhouses offer the gardener a place to create a more climate-controlled area for plants. Whether this is for tropical plants, ailing plants or seedlings, or just for the fun of it; the indoor greenhouse will give you a new gardening experience. With use you will master how to grow successfully indoors. Tulip Competition
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I have used the indoor greenhouse for all of the reason listed above and over the years it has become a staple for raising healthy plants and nurturing sick plants. Indoor gardening takes the gloom out of my long winter months and is where I experiment with different plants and seeds. I have also started cutting in the indoor greenhouse.

The indoor greenhouse is perfect for growing flowers in the winter and keeping a fresh supply of herbs. I have forced tulips and daffodils for Easter and I even grow cucumbers and tomatoes all year long. You may even decide to grow plants or flowers as gifts.

How do you set up an indoor greenhouse?

There are several ways and this one is an easier versions. You can but a temporary moveable mini greenhouse. They are six to eight long by three to four foot wide at most gardening centers or Wal-Mart. They cost 20 to 60 dollars depending on size and when you buy them. I picked up two at an auction for a dollar apiece. These greenhouses come with shelves a frame and the plastic cover and can be used indoors or out.

For a greenhouse set up like this chose a room that is not being used. I have one in a basement room that gets plenty of outdoor light and another in an unused upstairs bedroom. This room also gets plenty of light so that I don’t need additional added lighting for my plants.

If you do need extra lighting, I would suggest using the fluorescent bar lights that are 4 foot long will work well. These are often used in office buildings. The bar lights can be attached over the top of the shelves for additional lighting. Your plants will need four to eight hours or light depending on what you are growing and how light is available in your room. I have also used mini spotlights if I need extra lighting, but I try to find a place in the house that has enough light to conserve on electricity. Note: if you plants are thin and leggy they need more light.

Another indoor greenhouse can be professional greenhouse plant starting stand, which costs more but is complete and ready to use. Or you can create a greenhouse as simple as setting up an unused metal shelf and covering it with clear plastic. What you are trying to do is create a warmer environment and more control over the humidity.

What ever indoor greenhouse you use you need to remember that lighting, proper watering and the best soil mix you can obtain will lead to healthy plants, seedlings and transplants. An indoor greenhouse will extend you growing season and create a more tropical feel to your home.

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  1. Greenhouse Gardening Hobbyist

    Thanks for the great article. I never thought of setting up a greenhouse inside your basement. Now, that’s thinking outside the box.

    Sarah James

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