Create a Birdhouse Planter for your Garden

It seems the active gardener never has as many planters as they could use, so finding containers and creating planters can be a fun and create project for you and often the entire family. It’s a project children will enjoy and learn from.

One over looked and inexpensive found planter is an old birdhouse. They can be found along the curbs waiting to be tossed in the local dump or in sheds covered with dust. And birdhouses are often at garage sales and flea markets for a very small fee.

To make a birdhouse into a vining potted plant holder, place a piece of foil in the bottom of the birdhouse to line the base. Next fill the birdhouse 1-inch deep with small pebbles. Add potting soil deep enough to sit even with the entrance hole of the birdhouse.

Next, use a drill to carefully bore a hole through the roof. You will want to make the hole large enough to accommodate the spout of a watering can.

For a vining planter, choose cascading plants. Strawberry plants, vinca vine or moss roses will thrive in a container garden and flow easily from the opening of the craft birdhouse. Choose starter plants from a garden nursery for best results. And ask them for more flowering vine options.

You can also make a birdhouse into an herb garden. Plant basil, thyme, parsley, chives or oregano seeds in the front door opening of the birdhouse. Additional holes can be drilled into the roofs or walls of the house to accommodate multiple plants.

Place the container garden in partial sun. A porch, deck, balcony or garden location makes a great place for your birdhouse planter. You will want to water the plants every three days to once a week, depending on location and climate. If you feel the soil near the front opening of the birdhouse for moisture this will help you to determine if it may need watering. When it feels dry, moisten the soil with like warm water.

One other option you may want to consider is removing the top of the birdhouse and go for a green natural look. It will give you that “roof top gardening” look that is catching on in many areas.”

An open roofed birdhouse can be lined with an old plastic planter or kitchen storage bowl. This type of planter will need a few drainage holes placed in the bottom of the planter for excess water or rainwater to flow out.

A birdhouse planter will add a natural look to your garden or backyard and will be a favorite for those who enjoy birds. They also make a great focal point

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