Create the Perfect Rose Garden.

I just recently bought seven rose bushes. Its really a bit too early to plant rose bushes but the bushes were health and I decided to use a pre-planting methods to hold the plants for another 2 weeks. This will give me time to prepare the rose bed and also to give the rose bushes more time for the weather to stabilize and not be such a jolt to the rose bush.

The hold the bushes in a better environment I am making very large paper pots (so that they can be planted pot and all without being disturbed) and planting the rose bushes in the pots. The pots will need to be about 2 foot in diameter and will be a bit heavy so until I plant them they will be in a mini portable greenhouse.

The mini portable greenhouse I picked up at an auction for One dollar. It’s 4foot by 8 foot. Its great for protecting new plants and transplants.

To make the paper pots I will use an old 10-gallon shrub pot I saved and wrap it with about 8 layers of newspaper and tape or tie in place. I will also fill the pot on a board, which I will leave underneath so I can pick the pot up with the board. I will probably place the board on a handcart to move the plant into place once the garden area is ready.

The pot will be heavy once filled with soil so the board and handcart will make moving the paper pot easier. I have used handmade pots for many years and they hold up quite well for a limited time and break down easily in the soil.

The rose bushes I have selected are hybrid tea roses, which are now for their long stemmed flowers. The varieties are Peace, Charisma, Blue Boy, Chrysler Imperial, Mr. Lincoln and St. Josephs Coat.

If you’re interested in creating your own rose garden, you may want to follow the rose garden project from start to finish at Backyard Oasis Projects.

Rose garden tips

  1. Choose the right location
  2. check the amount of sun available
  3. prepare the soil
  4. plant the roses in proper soil mix and with a planting hole that is big
  5. water every 7 to 10 days
  6. fertilize 3 times during the season
  7. keep the roses cut or deadhead for more flowers

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