Create your own Holiday Centerpiece

Flowers add to the holiday holidays and parties that we have. Here are directions for an easy to make centerpiece. The arrangement is in red, white and pine giving it the Christmas look.

What I like about the centerpiece is the use of hardy flowers that last. Carnations and cushion mums stand up in arrangements so that you will be able to enjoy the flowers for a week or more.

You may also have family ornaments or other valued items that you can add to the centerpiece or set nearby that will bring family tradition to your arrangement.

I often will mist an arrangement to help it last a little longer. To do this I place the arrangement on a towel and mist lightly. When it has a chance to dry I will replace it on a table.  If you have bows you may want to remove them when misting or cover them.

This is a basic arrangement form and can be used for other holidays by changing colors, flowers or the centerpiece container.


  1. Find containers or floral trays at garden sales.
  2. Choose flowers that have a long life. Cutting flowers are best for floral displays.
  3. Keep watered.
  4. If your taking to a party or giving as a gift, keep covered well if you going outdoors in the cold and use a nice container or added nick nac to keep after the arrangement is finished.

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