Creating a Garden Journal – Altered Book

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and spend time with family. By keeping gardening simple it can be an enjoyable event.

Keeping a Garden Journal not only records valuable garden information but it is a form of history that can include the entire family.

There are many ways to make a garden journal. The easiest, grab the nearest spiral bound notebook. If you want cover the outside covers, preferably in a waterproof material, for a stonger more  durable journal.

One way I have made a journal before is to take a larger book with a firm hardback cover and remove two pages every other page. Of course you are using an old book, one that is missing pages, or a cheap one from a garage sale. By removing pages you make the book thinner so that you can add items to the pages like a scrap book without the book bulging open.

I have covered some of the pages with ruled line paper so that I have a guide for writing. I have painted some pages  and covered some with thin paper or material. If you chose the right book the images in the back often work in with your scrapbook.

A garden journal like the one I described above is more of an altered book and usually is used for my garden drawings, gourd ideas or photographs. I often bring it out at holidays and those of us in the family that are garden addicted enjoy the information and the rest enjoy the content and family photos.

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