Creative Gardening – Spill Over Garden serves a purpose

In my last post I mentioned a Spill over garden. Exactly what is a spill over garden?

It can mean several different things but in my yard it’s a garden that has my extra plants, unique plants and foraged plants. You never know what may be growing in this garden.

It never fails I tend to have too many tomatoes and a few extra gourds. A trip downtown will lead to rescued plants or foraged plants along a road. I give away what plants I can but there are always a few extras that I don’t want to toss.

By placing them in one area I can give these plants away during the summer, transplant them later into pots or the yard or sell them at a garage sale.

Sometimes I am given seeds and I have no idea what they are or how large they will grow so these plants go in the spill over garden until I can identify them and find a home for them.

This garden is mainly raised beds. Other areas in this garden include

  • a few extra empty beds for plants that I find need special care and need to be moved from other plants.
  • Containers for specialized plants
  • Fencing or lattice for climbing plants
  • Teepee forms for vines or trailing plants

A Spill over garden can be the most unique garden in your yard. It’s a place to create, experiment and add any garden art you may have. My garden always has a shady area for relaxing and several benches: that way I can enjoy my plants and the outdoors.

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