Creative Organic Gardening

Creative Organic Gardening?

Organic gardening has been a passion of mine since my first garden at age 12. My family didn’t think I could have a garden of my own st this age but it did quite well.

I have been a gardener ever since and firmly believe in keeping gardening simple and fun. That’s where the creative organic gardening aspect comes in.

By using organic gardening methods and using as little chemicals as possible we can have healthier plants and will be environmentally friendlier to wildlife and our community. Our food is also healthier and has a better taste.

Creative Organic Gardening tips:

  • I no longer use any chemicals in my garden. I have found that companion planting  techniques and watching for insects and removing them as I see them helps maintain an insect free garden. I used to lose a few plants and have more insect damage but in the last years my plants are really looking healthy. I do use natural homemade insect control.
  • Mulching, proper watering techniques, container gardening and raised beds also help control insects. It’s much easier to cover an area to protect it from insects or even pesky birds or small animals that sometimes prey on young tender plants.
  • Keeping the garden areas clean from weeds and decaying matter promotes healthier plants and takes away hiding places for insects. If I see a plant that is unhealthy I remove it.

To me there is no greater joy than grabbing a fresh tomato from the garden and heading off to the side of the yard to relax and enjoy the backyard. I can do this safely when there are no toxins used in the garden or yard.

Creative organic gardening through early planting, different garden styles and techniques or garden art adds to the enjoyment or gardening. Fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables are important but enjoying the garden is equally as important and adds to the beauty of the yard.

In my blog you will find ideas for organic gardening techniques, container gardening, Garden Art, money saving ideas, theme gardens, small space gardening and  much more.

Stop by regularly for ideas to improve your indoor or outdoor plants, gardens and backyard.

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