Creative Organic Gardening

Creative Organic Gardening. Just what is Creative Organic Gardening?

Most people know that Organic Gardening is going back to basics in gardening. Many people use natural pesticide control and grow gardens with heirloom seeds.  They often make their own compost for growing plants and garden use, and make compost tea, which is made from fresh compost. Garden Fresh Veggies
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The purpose is to grow the healthiest most chemical free produce to feed their families that they can. They also have an interest in nature and preserving our planet and keeping the environment healthy.

So what is Creative Organic Gardening? Simply stated it is using organic gardening methods but in a way that saves you money. This would take in making your own pesticides, putting together cold frames and greenhouses with salvaged items and experimenting with gardening t

Another example of creative gardening is to start many of your own perennials and shrubs from other plants. I have an entire garden area that is for growing perennials to divide and replant for more plants. I either sell or swap my extra plants.

I start shrubs from clipping and later sell them for $4 a plant. This income buys me more trees and shrubs for my property.

By using a greenhouse that is solar heated I start most of my annual and perennial plants. I use healthy soil and know that my flower plants and vegetable plants have been grown without many of the stress factors purchased plants have. Plants left in the cold overnight or that receive improper lighting while growing often do not produce well during the season. Plants bought in stores often do not get the proper amount of water and have suffered from wilting too many times to recover properly.

Garden art is also an important part of creative gardening. The art can be for the garden or money saving ideas. Who doesn’t want a nice bench for the garden or a planting bench made from recycled wood? Mini Greenhouses, storage sheds and garden tools also can be made or salvaged. untitled HDR.
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And most important as with all gardening, Creative Organic Gardening should be fun! Gardening can be work but if you grow healthy plants in a healthy way your work should be cut back.  And you also have the added benefit of fresh air, sunshine and enjoying your backyard.

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2 responses to “Creative Organic Gardening”

  1. One of my favorite things to do is to go to second hand stores or garage sales and pick up vases at 50 cents or so- to use for bouquets for family and friends- or get some odd looking household item that can be used to hold a plant, like an old purse or whatever- something unusual. Take something used for one thing and find a different use for it- garden themed. Again, good post.

  2. Tessa,

    I like to take old vase and glassware from garage sales and auctions and turn them into garden art. Great mini water fountains or garden totums are fun projects and look fantastic in the yard Denise

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