Creative Organic Gardening – Make a Natural Pine Wreath

The smell of fresh pine seems to bring back memories of past Christmases and holiday cheer but there is a lot of concern over growing pines for seasonal use. Unfortunately artificial trees are also easier to use, particularly in town. But Fresh pine seems to add to a holiday and by making a natural pine wreath you can enjoy the season and go green by saving a tree. wreath-header-at244-by-G.E.Sattler
Creative Commons License photo credit: G & A Sattler

How to make a natural Pine Wreath

I decided to make a pine wreath this year and just went out and trimmed off some branches from my pine trees that probably needed pruned anyways. I chose, Norway pine, Blue Spruce, White pine and another pine I am not sure of the name. By selecting several different kinds of pine I add texture and color changes to the wreath.

If you do not have your own trees, a neighbor may need his trees pruned (ask first!) or go to a place that is selling trees. They trim them and have piles of pine branches they will toss away.

I have saved some old wire clothes hangers and just bent one into a circle and left the top hook so that it could be hung on the wall or a door.

I gather the different pine into small groups, about 8 pieces in each group and secure with wire. Then this group is wired onto the wire frame. It took me about 32 groups to cover the wire frame. I packed them in closely so the wreath is full. This took me about 25 minutes to do.

For final touches I have pine cones in the back yard, which I will dry in the oven (to dry and make sure there are no bugs in the cones) then tie onto the wreath. I will also add a red bow and possible a few Christmas ornaments and its done!

After the holiday season is done I plan on cleaning the wreath off of any ornaments and bows and tying the wreath outdoors. I will add homemade seed feeders to the wreath and let the birds enjoy a new place to rest and eat.

In the spring the pine needles will be added to my ground cover pile and my wreath will have served several purposes without hurting the environment.

Happy Holidays to all! Denise

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3 responses to “Creative Organic Gardening – Make a Natural Pine Wreath”

  1. Megan

    Sounds splendid!!! I love the smell of fresh pines! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  2. Jen @ Artificial Christmas Wreaths

    I love your idea of using a wire coat hanger as the base, the hook would be perfect for hanging, just as you said.

    We just had a huge windstorm here yesterday and our yard is covered with branches from our neighbor’s pine tree and I was kind of dreading all the clean up, but now you have given the perfect idea for what to do with those pesky branches!! My daughter and I will be trying out your directions and will make use of the greenery and make a real Christmas wreath this year.

    We usually use an artificial one that we’ve had for a while now, but this year we’ll hang our own homemade one up and have the added bonus of the beautiful smell of pine in the house!

  3. Denise

    Its nice to have a little fresh pine in the house to add to the feel of christmas. Good luck with the wreath and thanks for stopping by, Denise

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