Creative Organic Gardening – Ways to Use your Chrismas Tree after the Holidays

We recently switched to an artificial tree. It’s not my first preference but family matters make it more practical. Many people buy trees for the holidays and in my opinion that’s fine but there are many ways to think green and make use of the trees afterwards. Recycling your tree is one way. Christmas Wreath
Creative Commons License photo credit: Svadilfari

Ways to use The Christmas Tree after the Holidays are over

  • If you have a big yard put the tree out and add bird food to it for the birds to find shelter from the cold winds and extra food in severe weather. Small animals will also find comfort under its branches.
  • Cut the branches off and let the needle drop off. This will make nice ground cover or compost (high in acid) that can be used in certain areas. I use needle compost under trees and in my one rock garden.
  • You can have the tree ground up for mulch or turn it into an organization that does it for you. Many local conservation groups will pick up trees or have drop off areas. The mulch will be used for trails and conservation uses.
  • You can also buy a small rooted pine tree and use as your christmas tree. Later plant it in the spring. I have one friend who has done this for years and its fun to walk among the trees and hear the stories of Christmas and memories of the holiday that have been captured by a living tree.

Real pine trees just remind me of my childhood and going out on those days to pick out the perfect tree. We would bring it home, trim out any bad places, set it up and the decorating party would begin. Memories….. the best part of the holidays.

Whether you have a real tree or a boxed tree, happy holidays! Denise

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  1. Megan

    This is important! Most people just toss! What a great idea! Thanks!

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