Cutting gardens – Creative vases and containers

Having a cutting garden is fun, pretty and popular. I have a lot of friends who drop by for flowers. I enjoy the garden talk, garden tips and creating a bouquet with them. I also have plants on hand and a mini garden can be whipped up in seconds.

This is a great time to plan a cutting garden and to start saving vases and containers for flowers. You have time to select seeds, make a garden plan and get any vases and containers you need.

I pick up most of my vases at garage sales or auctions. They are usually a buck for a whole box so work out to a few cents apiece. I also use unusual bottles, old cans, mini buckets or unique wood pieces that I can sit a jar in. If it will hold water it will hold cut flowers!

I have one friend who always picks out colored bottles of different colors and sizes with one or two flowers in each bottle. She sits them in the window where the bottles reflect the sun. She paints and has done several painting or her “window flower garden.”

When it comes to making a fast container garden up for someone I just let him or her look at my stash of unusual items. We select colors and possible a theme and create a one of a kind min garden planter.

An old wooden box look great with herbs and a few color splashes, possible a small vine hanging down the side.

I have used old machinery parts and planted moss rose plants and other low growing plants in them.

Other planters have been old farm pieces, cow watering bowls, pitchers, teapots that were missing the lids, cups, old kettles, and an old medicine chest with the door removed and mini containers with plants sitting on the shelves.

It’s amazing what you can use as a planter.

For a list of plants for a cutting garden check out my cutting garden article: or for more container ideas:

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