Deadheading Flowers – Why should I? Flower Garden Advice

Deadheading flowers or plants is very important to the health of plants and overall look of your gardens. Deadheading is practice of removing the old flower blossoms from a plant. This keeps your garden looking tidy and fresh plus plants bloom better if the old flower heads have been removed. Peony
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When the blossom remains on the plant seeds begin to develop and the plant uses extra energy to develop those seeds thus taking the energy away from future blossoms. Many plants just stop blooming and will sit the rest of the season, not reaching their full beauty and potential

Tips for deadheading flowers

  • Deadhead a flower when the flower starts to brown, wither or looks tired and ragged.
  • Cutting the stem of a tall flower that sits on a long slender stem should be done at the base of the plant. Other plants can be deadheaded by pinching the flower off or snapping it off with your hand. A pair of garden shears, scissors or a knife will work well too.
  • Trim up annuals and perennials that have dying or ragged foliage by cutting back the foliage by one-third to two-thirds. The best time to trim the plants back is when the plant has stopped blooming or when it starts to get that overall tired look. This will encourage the plants to send out a new growth of healthy, fresh foliage with flowers
  • Bushy plants with many small flowers react best to deadheading by trimming the whole plant at once. It’s much easier than trying to remove one flower at a time. Hand held grass shears or small hedge clippers will do this trimming job with the best results.

When I first raised flowers I didn’t deadhead the plants but it makes a big difference in the appearance of the plants and the flowers that is has. My neighbors flower always produce better and were fuller so I asked her why. The answer: deadheading.

So add more color and life to your gardens by taking up this practice. Your gardens will be more alive and colorful.

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