Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds

Fall is a great time to use found natural objects to decorate your home, patio and to give as a quick gift.

With Halloween almost here the pumpkin or gourd will lend itself to quick decorating ideas.

This you tube will show you how to make a fast table centerpiece or accent floral arrangement for you home or to give away as a holiday gift. (While you cleaning out the pumpkin you may want to save the seeds, rinse them then roast them to use as a healthy snack later.)

Ornamental gourds also make wonderful and fun home décor and their uses are limitless. You can make a table centerpiece, luminaries, painted faces, ornaments, a door wreath and many other elegant crafts or floral arrangements.

Ornamental gourds are one of my favorite plants to grow in a garden. You never know exactly what shape or color your gourds will be. This tends to be one of many children’s favorite plants for the same reason.

Helpful tips for hallow décor using pumpkins and gourds.

  • Select your pumpkins or gourds early for the best size and colors
  • Make sure they have a stem. Pumpkins and gourd with stems are easier to handle plus they will not rot as quickly.
  • Clean with mild soapy water and bleach mix. The bleach will kill any germs on the pumpkin or gourd that could cause them to rot
  • Protect at night from any frosts. Either move them to a porch or cover with a shoot or blanket.

With proper care a pumpkin or gourds will last for months. They can be carved, painted or added to a group of fall crops to add to the festive feel of fall.

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