Don Vaughan – Landscape Arctitect – His Life and Designs

I just read this article called “An artist of the natural world” written by Tom Hawthorn, special to The Globe and Mail. It was published November 14, 2007.


It’s an article about the works of Don Vaughan, a very accomplished landscape architect.

As the article states, “It is the job of a landscape architect to marry aesthetics to functionality, soothing and inspiring a visitor while also handling so mundane a responsibility as drainage” 

Often times we appreciate the landscape that bridges cold structures into natural scenery but at the same time we only take in a part of the picture. We may see the color or relax in a park but the design that has gone into the project and the meshing or two opposites, buildings and nature are not evident and if the architect is successful it shouldn’t be. Other times we are so wrapped up in the day’s activities that the parks and landscape doesn’t register.

Parks, recreation areas and working landscape in and around structures is very important for the well being of people, wildlife, and the look of towns and cities. Green areas aid in keeping the the environment in balance and help with pollution. 

Who is Don Vaughan? 

Don Vaughan is a 70-year-old architect who has won numerous awards for his designs and works. He lives in Victoria, Canada but was born in Coos Bay, Oregon into a lumbering family.

His life through childhood until his interest in being an architect was filled with interesting turns. While serving in the naval reserve he picked up old magazines and read article on the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wrights work was very much into harmonizing structure and nature. These  artciles and designs sparked his interest in architecture and he enrolled in architecture at the University or Oregon.

Some of his more well know work includes: the plazas of Expo 86, waterfront walkways of David Lam Park; the placid ponds of Granville Island, the fountain at the University of Victoria; Nitobe Memorial Garden; Ambleside Park, Whistler Village or the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. Vaughan has stated that his favorite project was the Sun Life Plaza.  To learn more about his architectural works and life check out the rest of the article at

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