Drip Irrigation – A Must for Roses

Roses are beautiful and add elegance to any yard or garden area. With the multiple colors they now have rose bushes can fit into any garden theme. With proper garden soil preparation roses will bloom for years.

One problem rose have are “Blackspot” and “Leafspot” These disease are primarily caused from water sprayed directly on the rose bushes. Symptoms of direct watering stress can include yellowing leaves with black spots, extensive leaf drop, poor blooming, and lack of vigor.

Roses prefer “frequent” light feedings of a “complete” slow release granular fertilizer whereas the Nitrogen is lower than the Phosphorus, and Potassium i.e…8-10-10 analysis. Micronutrients are also a “must.” These include Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc etc…  “Lesco” brand 8-10-10 Ornamental Granular Fertilizer includes all the needed nutrients for your roses. . Follow label directions when applying any fertilizer product as described.

To correct “overhead” watering stress simply run “drip hoses” in your Rose Garden areas, and adjust sprinkler heads from spraying directly on Roses. Drip hoses are readily found at any local garden center. Once you have properly fertilized, and eliminated overhead watering, your Roses will recover form Blackspot and leafspot in about six to eight weeks.

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