Earth Day DIY: Plantable Paper, celebrate Earth Day with a craft

I have made paper for many years. It’s a great project and will use up the paper you get in the mail and other places. Anything we can recycle is a big help to our world plus you can make amazing crafts and artwork. I have also made plantable cards and they are fun to make and to receive.

The video will explain how to make plantable paper. Below are a few suggestions of my own on papermaking.

  • I would have a different blender for making paper. I usually buy second hand ones at garden sales for a dollar. The reason for having you own blender is that is hard on the equipment so don’t abuse your kitchen blender for a craft or art work.
  • I use a picture frame with screen attached for my paper mold. An old screen works well too. Or you can make one like in the video.
  • You can influence the color of the paper by using only certain colors for certain batches. I also use food coloring, weeds and other natural matter for coloring my paper.
  • If you use tomato seeds in your plantable paper do not dry the paper in the oven. Its not good for the seed. I usually dry my paper in the sun or on the porch.
  • You can get a smooth finish to your paper by ironing it between two pieces of paper.

This article has more info on dying and a great link to for a natural dye article

Home made cards are fun to give friends and so personal. Give it a try! Happy earth day!

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