Earth Day is approaching: Make plans to plant a tree or shrub

Many of my favorite memories are of hot summer days spent under tall shady Maple trees in my front yard. The trees had a regal look and the temperature felt 15 degrees cooler under their leaves. I think these memories may be why I appreciate trees and plant many each year.

Did you know one tree could remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually? This equals 11,000 miles of car emissions. Landscape plants, such as shrubs and turf also help the environment. They remove dust, smoke and other pollutants from the air.

One other study showed that one-acre of trees has the ability to remove 13 tons of gases and particles each year. With urban sprawl and new construction it’s important to replant trees and add landscaping and plants regularly.

Earth day will be celebrated next week, April 22, so why not plant an ornamental tree or fruit tree?

Here are a few tips for selecting new landscape plants for your yard.

  • Select a shrub or tree that is compatible with your soil and weather conditions in your growing area. Nurseries and garden centers can help you with this. The tags on containers are helpful but I prefer talking to a person so they can answer my questions.
  • Only purchase healthy looking plants that have been watered properly and have new growth. Dead branches on a plant you may intend to buy is not a positive sign.
  • Buy container-grown or balled-and-burlapped trees and shrubs.  Their roots are already well developed and will not be dried out or damaged by digs in the root covering.
  • After you purchase plants keep them in a cool and shady place. Make sure the roots stay moist and do not dry out.

Here are two of the most important considerations.

  • Make sure the plant will not grow too large for the area you intend to plant it in. All new trees and shrubs look small but will grow so make sure they are placed far enough away from water lines, houses and electric lines.
  • Plant you new landscape addition as soon as possible. I often know where I intend to plant my new tree or shrub and have the hole ready so I can bring the new addition home and plant it immediately.

If you have an apartment consider a small potted porch tree or plants for your home. They help inprove the air in you apartment and add color.

Happy Earth day! Denise

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