Epsom Salt for Tomato Blight Control

Our area was hit very hard with tomato blight. Almost everyone lost their entire tomato crop. I believe the reason for this was our cold rainy summer and nights that were chilly. It just put to much stress on the plants.

And the heavy rain created sickly plants that were the perfect target for any disease. Even a garden that was well maintained and weeded fell prey to blight. The only people who seemed to do well were those who grew their tomatoes indoors or in a greenhouse.

And of course there is always an exception to any statement or rule. I met an amish man who shared his secret for keeping blight under control. Epsom Salt!

I use epsom salt for pepper plants and cleaning garden tools but I had never heard of using it for tomato blight control.

Jacob told me to use a cup of epsom salt to a 5 gallon bucket of water and spray the plants heavily at the first site of tomato blight. You may want to spray the plants once more in a few days.

Jacob has used this method for tomato blight control for years and he always has the perfect crop of tomatoes.

I plan on trying this next year if we have tomato blight again.

NOTE: If you had tomato blight in your garden make sure you burn the diseased plants. And also change the location of where you plant your tomatoes the following year. This is one disease that will leave the ground infected and more vulnerable to blight the following year.

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  1. Denise

    Let me know how it works for you. So far I have not seen any negative side effects. Denise

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