Fall Gardening chores interrupted.

It was a beautiful day in NW PA. The leaves are just past their peak, but still beautiful and almost haunting in their appearance.

As I was doing outdoor chores and picking up the yard and gardens and preparing them for winter I was distracted by last years gourd collection. The gourds were dry early this summer and I cut and cleaned the interiors about a month ago. I have about 20 I have selected for bird feeders or for hanging plants.

I still need to sand and clean the exterior and seal the insides (if used for plants) to prevent the gourds from attracting moisture and slightly molding. You should not seal the interior of a bird feeder. The sealer will affect the seed and hurt the birds.

You also need to use a pot inside the gourd if you want your gourd planter to last several seasons. Gourds and water really do not mix well, unless the gourd has been sealed on the inside and out.

If I get my outdoor chores done this week I will start on my gourds next week. I have an art show coming up that I would like to display some of the finished gourds.

I have grown gourds in my gardens since my very first garden and each year they add interest and usually a few horror stories for my family member to tell the neighborhood. Many people consider gardening to be a bit boring, but they haven’t visited my gardens!

Here’s a link to my one gourd garden that that still pops up in local neighborhood conversations. Grow your gourds on swing sets.

And one more fun thing to try with gourds is shaping them while they grow. Creative gardening: Shaping your Gourds

I’ll share a few of my finished gourds in a few weeks.

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