Fall Gardening – Clean up for Organic Pest Control

Most people are finishing up with their gardens and winterizing their garden sites in October. The lucky ones are starting their gardens and others are making plans for winter gardens.
Whichever stage you are in , one thing is a given. There is a certain amount of clean up that needs to be done and will benefit the health of your garden area.

By leaving behind stems and old plants you make a safe haven for insects to overwinter or leave behind eggs that will hatch later. Also, if a plant was diseased but didn’t show signs of being unhealthy the disease can affect the soil and bring in more destructive insects.


For a healthy organic garden it’s best to clean up the debris. It’s also enjoyable to clean up the garden area, get it organized for next year and dream of the perfect garden! So what should you do?


  • Some people will break the ground and add new nutrients to the soil.
  • Make sure any weeds are removed. This is a good idea if you plan to start early spring crops. Your garden will be ready to plant with little work.
  • You can chop up the healthy crops and add them to the compost pile that will benefit your garden next year.
  • If you don’t have a compost pile now is the perfect time to start one.
  • By chopping up leaves and any grass clippings you can cover up your garden area to protect it from the winter cold. This covering can be worked into the ground in the spring and will enrich the soil.
  • Clean and put away any stakes and and make notes of any new stakes or garden tools or products you may need.
  • It’s very important to clean your garden tools. Wash them, remove any dirt and repair any handles. Put your tools away and organize them if needed.
  • If you use raised beds make sure they are in good shape and and add any soil or composting matter that will help improve the soil.
  • If you use cold frames to extend the season it’s the perfect time to move them into place and plant your cool weather crops.
  • Place burlap around around your delicate or new shrubs and trees. This will help protect them from the cold winter winds.
  • It’s time to sit down and evaluate the garden. Decide what worked and what you need to change. Possibly you many want to make out a garden design and start creating next year’s garden.
  • When the weather gets cold its the perfect time to get out seed catalogs and choose next years crops. For fun try a new flower, vegetable, herb or vine.

GrowVeg.com” target=”_blank”>veggrow.com to help me plan my garden. I find by using it my gardens grow better and produce more.

Remember anything is possible with a garden. It’s fun and relaxing and the herbs, flowers and vegetables are better when grown in your backyard! Try creative organic gardening techniques in your garden.

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