Fall Gardening – Watching Wildlife – Roger Tory Peterson Nature Center

When  fall is fading and winter is approaching in NW Pa., I begin to notice the shrubs, trees and lay of the land that is often covered by lush growth and activity in the spring and summer. And at this time of year, in early spring,  the land is still apparent. But only for another week or so.

Living by a large creek and swamp and being only a few miles away from The Roger Tory Peterson Nature Center my thoughts wander back to the food supply and safe living areas for birds.

The birds feed heavily in the Shoemack trees, blackberry and raspberry bushes. They also feast on wild rosebushes and cherry trees.

The deer and squirrels are happy collecting and eating the oak and hickory nuts that lay heavily down by the Creek side. Every morning as the fog rises off the creek you have a ring side seat to the deer. They also clean up apples under the small apple orchard we have. So far they have not damaged the branches and twigs on the apple trees.

We also have otters, beavers, and many varieties of duck and geese on the creek and in the swamp.

The land is rich with wild food so the wildlife flourishes. I occasionally feed the birds, more for entertainment.

Living close to the Roger Tory Peterson Nature center and a large swamp has taught me the importance of nature. To appreciate the land and wildlife.

Many people think swamps are a nuisance and nothing more. The creek and swamp behind the property is beautiful and the wildlife is amazing. I see plants in the fields, outer swamp and creek bank that I do not see other places.

The Blue Herons have a large grouping of nests on the very far corner of the property and swamp. They fly down the creek to make their landing and they are just awesome to watch. Blue Herons
Creative Commons License photo credit: hart_curt

The RTP Center in NW New York offers many classes and has beautiful paths for walking and studying nature. It adds to my community and helps remind me of the value of nature.

And as Spring sets in and another summer season heads my way its nice to see life start fresh and new in the outdoors.

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