Falls Final Corn Roast.

Many fond summer memories revolve around picnics and corn roasts.

Fall has arrived in NW PA and since there has been no frost there is still a corn harvest and the chance for one final corn roast before the leaves turn and the gardens finish up for the season.

When it comes to serving corn at a picnic some people boil the corn indoors and bring it out while other will roast the corn in the husk in an open fire or on a grill. Roasted corn always signified a longer more festive picnic to me.

If you haven’t grilled corn before here is an easy way to prepare the corn

Unshucked Corn on the Cob
Container of Water
A Fire (Campfire or Grill)


  • Take the ears corn, straight from the farm, without pulling back the husk at all, and place it in the container of water
  • Let the corn sit until it’s nice and waterlogged. This is usually an hour or two. While waiting prepare any other picnic snacks.
  • Take the wet husks of corn to your fire.
  • Put the corn on the fire. If using a campfire, toss the ears of corn into the coals at the edge of the fire pit. You are looking for coals that have started to turn white but are still really hot. If you’re using a grill, just set them right on the grate.
  • Occasionally turning the corn, let it cook for half an hour or so until the husk of the corn is nicely burnt. Knowing how long to wait just takes time and practice, but typically the entire outside of the husk is burnt black.
  • Pick the corn out of the fire up with a long handled grabbing tool or tong. Set it off to the side to cool a bit. The corn will be hot so use care when removing from the fire.
  • After the husk is cool enough to handle, pick it up and peel it back. Some people fold the entire husk backwards from the end of the cob and use it as a handle.

Roasted corn has a unique flavor and makes a change in your picnic menu.

If you haven’t grown corn in your garden before here are a few helpful corn growing tips.

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