Floral arranging tips for the home gardener

At this time of year I am thinking about what flowers I will grow in a cutting garden, what flowers I already have in the gardens and what flowers I will need to order or find.

One of my favorite gardens is the cutting garden. Cutting flowers are easy to grow, require less work than most flowers and seem to have less insect and pest problems.

They also have the added benefit of being hardy flowers that last long and do well in floral arrangements.

A new garden always brings new variety of flowers. It is what keeps gardening new and exciting. Whether it be a new annual, perennial or even a sunflower, new varieties add interest and creative fresh ideas for floral arrangements.

Growing flowers will give you an unlimited amount of fresh bouquets you can arrange for your home or give to friends.

This you tube is about floral arranging. There are some really great ideas here.

When arranging flowers I like to mix herbs, wild flowers and even twigs or grasses to the arrangements. It adds to the fun and the interest of the floral display.

I also like to find unique vases or pots for my arrangements. Small cups, an old punch bowl, tin cups, basically anything that will hold water. These pots and vases can set a theme or feel to a room or party.

And if you have small children or pets that may break nice vases, these different pots for flowers will save a collector vase.

Flowers are meant to add color and atmosphere to a room or event so why not try new ways of containing them?

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