Flower Therapy – An Approach to the “Art of Healing”

Exercise, fresh air and watching plants grow are only a few of the relaxing healthy benefits of gardening. And with flower gardening you have the beautiful colors and aroma that is relaxing after a stressful day.

For me the challenge of laying out gardens and combining color, shape and textures add to the enjoyment. Throw in different and unusual plants and garden art pieces and a trip to the garden becomes an adventure. By bringing in plants or having a small greenhouse or sun room you can enjoy nature all the time.

All aspects of gardening have relaxing qualities, but many will agree flowers seem to bring instant peace and contentment. Is it the fragrance? Color? Texture? More than likely the combination

Flower Therapy in healing is becoming more important in many hospitals and therapy center. Many are incorporating gardens, greenhouses and floral arrangements scattered in hallways and rooms.

A study called “The Art of Healing” is being studied and practiced around the world. The concept was started by Dr. Edward Bach in England. Through his observations and study of homeopathy he studied the effects of flowers on health.

As stated in the article, “Flower Therapy acts on man as a whole, awakening his inner healing force, stimulating a change of conscience and, indirectly, a change in the energetic structure that acts over pathologic processes, modifying them. “

If you would like to know more about his studies and how he used this information check out this link, Dr. Edward Bach, 38 Flowers that heal.

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3 responses to “Flower Therapy – An Approach to the “Art of Healing””

  1. linda

    I didn’t know all this about Dr.Edward Bach. I own a greenhouse and this information will be valuable to me when working with people.

  2. gary

    This flower therapy sounds interesting. Does it already made a breakthrough in one of the diseases or ailments?

  3. admin

    I am just beginning to read Dr. Edward Bach’s books on his studies of Flower Therapy. Its a very interesting topic and indepth study. I haven’t read enough to know about different diseases but I know that the study dig deeply into moods and happiness and how they are affected by flowers. This is even noted in nursing homes. There are many books and quite a few articles on his studies.

    I grow quite a few gardens in the summer and I am thinking about basing on on flower therapy. Denise