Foraging or Finding plants: How to Hold plants until Planting

This last week I was foraging and rescuing plants from roadways and houses that were about to be torn down.

I picked up Daffodils, Tulips, Paper Whites, and Irises in bulbs. I also rescued Beebalm, Yarrow, Violets and Echinacea. These plants I use for herbal purposes.

Add to the group; Forget me Nots, Black Eyed Susan’s, Chinese lanterns and Lily of the Valley. I have two plants to identify but they came from a perennial bed of a churches garden so I know they are a better plants but I have no idea what they are. I will probably take them to a local garden center for identification.

I collected over 400 new plants and with my normal yard work and several garden projects underway I need to store these plants until I can get them in the ground.

How to store plants until they can be planted

  • Dig a trench or roto-til an area about one foot wide and as long as you may need it. Six inches deep will be a good depth to loosen soil. Loosen the soil and take out any grass clumps if you have them. I usually choose a shady area for plants I am storing.

  • Place the plants loosely in the soil and water them well. Note: if you have a spare garden bed this will work also.

  • Cover the soil with a groundcover to help the plants roots stay moist and to stop the roots from drying out.


You  need to get the plants in their new home as quickly as possible to let the roots start to regrow and to let the plant to recover from being moved. I try to get the plants in the ground in two days or I will put them in pots and transplant them in the fall.

I also have several grasses to pick up and some ferns to move. Hopefully the weather will cooperate more than it has in the last week.

Rescuing plants is a great way to add to your plant selection plus I like saving a plant, particularly from houses that are being torn down. 

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