Four Reasons to Give Indoor Plants as gifts

There are many attractive plants that can be kept indoors through out the year. And with winter weather approaching the addition of indoor plants to the home will create a warm natural look. I know in the winter months I enjoy plants and flowering plants scattered throughout the house.

Cut flowers are also a nice touch in the winter months and I do use them but flowering plants make a longer lasting floral display. And if you display them in a create way they make a stunning room accent. Artistic pots, small figurines and lighting will create unique looks.

Here are four reasons why you should give plants as a gift or thank you for the holidays.

1.  A flowering houseplant will improve a window or a table setting and add cheer to most home decors. And later in the spring or summer months most plants can be moved outdoors. This will add to the patio or backyard area.

2.  Plants can last for years and have even been handed down from family member to family member. So a plant is a gift that will be enjoyed for years.

3.  Plants add to air quality and remove toxins from the air. Houses that are more closed and sealed from fresh air have better air quality when plants are added to the environment. Its been proven that homes and businesses with plants have a healthier air quality.

4.  Children enjoy watching plants grow and if you give them the task of caring for the plants they will learn the importance of living plants and caring for something that lives. And if the plant is unique, like a Venus flytrap, your children will learn from watching the differences in plant species

Best of all plants will encourage an appreciation in our children for living things.

There are many reasons to give plants and grow plants indoors. And with the holiday season approaching for many of use there will be colorful plants available for any home and occasion

NOTE: There are several types of christmas plants and indoor plants that may be poisionous to pets and children. If this is a concern, please research the plant or ask the store or nursery if the plant is safe. For example, Poinsettias are beautiful but toxic.

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  1. Diana

    Hi Denise,

    I love getting flowering plants for the holidays! Narcissus are one of my favorite because they are very fragrant and they bloom in December just before Christmas.


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