Four Seasons Garden – Theme Garden

In the beginning of a growing season it’s difficult to realize that it will not be long before its time to close the garden down and let it rest for another year. It’s amazing how fast the time flies between turn the first spade of soil for a seedling and turning over soil while clearing the garden or digging up a plant to over-winter.


If you like the look of a garden yearlong and have an area that is close you may want to consider a Four Seasons Theme Garden.


Four Seasons Gardens are usually more formal. The use of hedges, shrubs rockery and paths give a pleasing pattern that carries into each season including the winter. Garden art adds to the artistic feel or an ever-changing garden space.


Spring offers bright splashes of colors and fast growing plants. Between flowing shrubs, new leaves and perennial and annual flowers the spring garden is alive and ever changing


The summer garden still has fast growth but the plants begin to become part of the yard and I think the shrubs, trees, garden art and pathways begin to make a statement of their own. I also mix vegetables in the summer garden so you never know exactly what plant will be growing. There are always a few vines in the garden area too.


Fall seems to be the crowing event. Vibrant colors make their last stand and the shrubs and trees make a statement too. As the color fades the fall reds and browns deepen and take over. This adds mystery to the garden art and sculptures. I always make sure I have fall decorations like gourds, pumpkins, ornamental corn and decorative perennials scattered about the garden.


Winter brings out the formal design in the garden. The shadows cast by sunlight brings out any hidden colors. It’s actually amazing how much color in a small area. Shrubs and trees and color in the bark and any leaves left behind. I have about six different shrub varieties with colorful bark.

 On a warm winter evening I will light a few lanterns and sit on the bench and enjoy the silence and formal garden patterns knowing its only a matter of time before spring returns!

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