Four Seasons – The beginning

The hectic point in any garden is usually in the summer and early fall.


In the spring we scramble choosing our seeds and plants and putting the final touches on the garden before we begin planting. Each new season is like a painting. Each plant is like a paint stroke and adds to the final image. Anything is possible.


We tend out garden watching the new growth and marvel in the wonder. I know I always am amazed how such beautiful graceful plants turn out from such small seeds. It’s a miracle each spring.


As the garden settles in we have a week or two to really enjoy the garden. The weeds are under control and usually the insects haven’t arrived. This is my favorite time to watch the garden grow and enjoy the yard.


Suddenly the garden takes off and its one small project after another and time to start harvesting crops. If you follow successive planting techniques you will find there is always a few vegetables to harvest every day. Of course this means there is also a fresh meal every night.  The first pea crop, green onions or fresh green salad is the best each season. The first tomato never makes it out of the garden. By not using any pesticides in my garden I can safely snack on any vegetable.


As the season continues the garden becomes part of the yard. It matures and the colors grow and change. Crops come and go and there is always some form of digging and activity. The crops take over and set the pace.


Fall suddenly is upon us and the garden starts to thin and slow. The colors in the garden are changing. Colors deepen and the yard itself takes on more colors. The leaves are changing and flowers and weeds finish their cycle.


As late fall approaches there is a change in the air. The colors outside are the fall colors of yellows, brown, reds, and oranges. Brown begins to be the primary color but those lingering vibrant colors still pop out and remind you that spring always returns. The fall mums offer the last vibrant color along with ornamental gourds and Indian corn.


Winter brings a time of rest. The colors are brown blacks and other muted colors. You still have some yellow and reds in barks and berries but overall the colors represent peace and reflection.


Slowly there is a change in the air and small patches of sudden color begin to appear.

 The cycle begins again and the challenge and mystery of another season begins

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  1. Deanna

    nice article on the different gardening seasons. I felt like I was sitting in your yard, Deanna

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