Fun with Terra cotta planters.

With the gardening season just starting it’s the perfect time to create garden pots with flair.

This you tube has ideas for decorating terra cotta pots.

Decorating garden pots can change the look of your garden, patio or backyard instantly. You can color coordinate the home to the garden, match your colors in a flower garden or create a gift for a friend. It’s also a perfect way to keep children busy on a rainy day or a day where they need a change in activity.

The you tube also mentioned pot socks. Pot socks would be a great idea for the end of a season when you want to keep a plant warmer.

Terra cotta pots also make great nightlights, luminaries, wind chimes and garden art animals. The ideas are endless and terra cotta pots can be picked up at many stores or even garage sales and auctions. I usually do the latter and get great bargains

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