Garage Sale finds: Save time and money in the garden

I am always looking for time saving shortcuts and money saving ideas for the gardens. Garage sales seem to help me in this area. I often find plants, pots, window boxes and other items I can turn into garden art or raised beds in a matter of minutes.

Today I found two three foot by two foot tall cardboard shipping barrels. They were free. I am growing carrots in one and a second crop of potatoes in the other.

The carrots are already planted. I used compost from my compost pile and sawdust from the local bat mill that has been aged for three years. By mixing the two together I extended my available soil. I topped the planting container off with discount planting soil from the local dollar store that is going out of business. (Carrots always do better with a fine soil to plant the seeds in.) All the soil in the planter is rock free so the carrots should grow straight.

The potatoes will be planted tomorrow. I have placed 6 inches of soil in the barrel and will continue to fill the barrel with straw as the potatoes grow to about 8 inches in height. By doing this I will encourage new potato growth on the plant and this method cuts back, actually seems to eliminate potato bugs. I also have nice clean potatoes and just dump the container at the end of the growing season.

I also picked up two six-foot long boxes that will work for planters for one dollar. They were planted with annual flowers and a few vegetable plants mixed in.

The final item was an old mailbox that I will use by the garden to store my garden tools, extra stakes and garden gloves in. I have this storage by the garden saves time running to and fro and keeps the garden area tidy.

Garage sales, auctions and curbside finds have saved me much money over the years.

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