Garden Art adds to your Backyard Garden and Landscape Design

Garden art and backyard design pieces add atmosphere, fun and creativity to a garden. Even a vegetable garden will have more flair with garden art and a little humor added. This is one reason why scarecrows a re popular in gardens. They may ward off birds but they also add creativity to a garden. Dedicated To All My Flickr Friends
Creative Commons License photo credit: A Girl Next Door

Garden art can include everything from a decorative plant pot to a water fountain.

Here are a few suggestions to think about when adding garden art to your gardens and yard.

Use existing structures as backdrops for garden art pieces. Pots with flowers placed strategically on a fence create more of a garden feel to a small backyard. Hang antiques or old tools on the sides of barn or utility shed.

Create a small area to rest in the garden, or by a greenhouse or work shed.

Small tree-filled spaces will look more spacious if you use a three dimensional approach in design. Birdhouses, mini lanterns and wind chimes will create layers of color and interest in the branches.

You can also create mini gardens around the tree bases with flowers, herbs and ceramic collectible pieces. I use collectibles that may have some damage but when placed in a garden area it is not noticeable.

Wide-open spaces in the backyard successfully display larger garden art. Ponds, fountains, a bird sanctuary including a feeder, bath and butterfly garden, or larger sculpture pieces work well here. And make sure you add a bench for relaxing.

By adding garden art you can quickly change the look of a garden or backyard for a party or for the different season of the year. Garden art also looks nice on the patio or balcony and will help blend the indoor space with outdoor space.

The only precaution with adding garden art it making sure the pieces have a common theme and match your landscape or home design so that you have a nice design flow and not a confusing chaotic look.

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