Garden Art begins with plants and the senses

Gardening is a reflection of a person so let your personality and creativity shine in your yard and gardens. When you are starting to lay out a garden take in color, texture and smell. Fragrant flowers, particularly night blooming flowers add such depth and pleasure to the yard. Many people plant Moonlight Flower theme Gardens.

Use your favorite color or colors. This can be done with flowers or garden art. You can stick to a color theme or go wild and use all colors or clump them in color themes around the yard.

Need different ideas for your garden? Add candles and night lights, particularly the vintage style. You can easily make these with unique glass jars or tin cans. Add scented candles for aroma therapy and you have a magical relaxing area. By changing locations and lanterns you can change the look of your garden anytime. Try colored glass for your lanterns and you will have a festive look.

Candle lanterns are a favorite of mine because they have a natural look. I think they remind me of campfires and fireflies.

Aroma will broaden the garden experience. Add perfumed plants around the garden so you can have a variety of fragrances. Plant them near windows and doorways and close to benches so they can be enjoyed and touched. Many of these plants will release their fragrance when you pass by them or with a gentle wind. Roses, citrus trees, lilacs jasmines, honeysuckle, sweet olives, sweet peas, and night blooming flowers are great for this.

Herbs also add fragrance and if you plant them on a pathway where you walk you have a wonderful aroma all the time. My favorites are the thymes and mints. Rosemary is also tucked in may gardens in various places.

And don’t forget Lavender! Lavender has been a favorite aromatic plant for centuries. It also has crafting and herbal uses. Lavender is known for reducing stress and many use it for headaches. I just think it’s a wonderful plant! Fragrant and it has texture.

One of my favorite texture plants is the silver mound. It is so soft to the touch, grows well and has a great silver-blue gray look that adds accent to the garden and emphasizes other colors in the yard.

Garden accessories

Wind chimes are also a favorite of mine and they hang all over. One plus for wind chimes many do not think of is that they will deter some animals. I have several in my vegetable gardens to keep the deer and groundhogs away.

Bird feeders and birdbaths will add color and art to your yard and welcome birds. Birds add so much to a yard with their antics, beautiful song and keeping insects under control.

Night lights such as candles, lanterns and spot lights just give an air of mystery to gardens at night. For bigger parties I add torches!

Rustic garden art will add to flower and vegetable groupings. I like old barrels, windows, stumps, driftwood or what ever else you can salvage. Parts of old fencing also make great places for shade and vines to climb.

Mixing color and texture

Last but not least in my book is the use of flowers and vegetables together. There is something about the texture of mixing the two that stand out and the look will change all season long as the vegetables mature.

Two of my all time favorite vegetables to mix in anywhere are swiss chard in white and rainbow colors and any greens. Lettuces and lettuce mixes have such color and texture and just emphasis the other plants around them.

Gardening is like a blank canvas. There is no limit to what you can try and each year it’s a new adventure and look.

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3 responses to “Garden Art begins with plants and the senses”

  1. Deanne

    I grow a touch me garden. It’s set up for children and people with challenges. It’s amazing the benefits and joy they get from viewing the garden.
    I would like to see an article on a moonlight garden. Deanne

  2. dan

    I’d definitely try your suggestions, maybe spicing it up would make my plants and flowers more lovely and interesting.

  3. admin

    Hi Dan,
    It’s amazing how a few different plants make a big difference in a garden. I really like the garden to be an adventure everytime I enter it. Denise

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