Garden Art – Make a Moss Covered Pot for your Flowers

If your looking for a rustic look or a focal point in a garden or porch area and moss covered pot or container is a perfect solution. I have several and they always get comments.

If you would like to make one I have included instructions below.

Supplies you will need:

Ceramic pot, hypertufa container or an old farm piece.

You will need to find some living moss. A walk in the woods or along a streambed should find you a cup or so of moss. In your hunting make sure you do not remove moss from someone’s property or strip all the moss off of one rock or branch. It’s always environmentally friendly to leave a little of whatever you harvest naturally behind.

Place the moss and a little buttermilk into a blender and mix them together. You will want the mixture to be runny enough to paint on a container with a brush.

Paint the moss-buttermilk mixture on the outside of your container. Next you will want to cover the pot or container with plastic and set it in a sunny spot for one to two weeks. After this time the pot should be covered with a nice coating of moss.

This method works for ceramic, hypertufa containers and certain kinds of old farm pieces.

I have several old wooden boxes, barn boards and old wood farm pieces I have covered with this moss mix and they make stunning garden and patio pieces. I also like to plant annual flowers or vines in pots like these. They have a more natural look.

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9 responses to “Garden Art – Make a Moss Covered Pot for your Flowers”

  1. Thanks Denise for your advice, I make a home improvements and now we improve the garden, this tips are very interesting, I have a several wooden box that I use for my garden with your useful tips.

  2. Barbara Lyons

    Great instructions. I love gardening and I plan to make several of your pots to dress up my front garden bed.

  3. Robin

    Can this process be done on clay pots too?

  4. Denise

    Yes, using the moss cover can be used on clay pots. It actually does very well on a clay pot. Denise

  5. can you cover large pastic pots with moss in this way (I have a large shrub in not very attractive green plastic container.) Hilary

  6. Denise

    Hi Hilary,

    I don’t think it would hold on plastic very well, but you could either try to rough the planter up with sandpaper or cover with chicken wire and then apply the moss shake mixture. Denise

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  8. Johanna

    Hi – I’m not sure what sort of plants would be appropriate for a moss covered pot. We live in the desert (Arizona), should it be a plant that needs a lot of water or will a succulent of some sort work?

  9. Denise

    I would use shade loving plants in a moss covered pot and a plant that would like listed once in a while. You can mist the moss at the same time to keep it green and fresh looking.

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