Garden Art – Mosaics add color to your garden

If you had read many of my articles you see that different ideas and an artistic view, as warped as it may be, even runs through my garden plans. Garden planning, unique displays and garden art are very important to me; even if it is just the way I plant my vegetable and flowers.

Several years ago while out “dumpster diving” for useable art supplies I came upon a large pile of ceramic pieces. Mixing those with my auction leftovers began a new art for me, Mosaics.

I enjoy mosaics. It’s a great way to release stress and create. Mosaics also blend in well with gardens. From stepping-stones to garden globes the ideas are endless. My one friend has spent the last several years working on a wall that is a combination of stone and inlaid mosaic creations. It is a one of a kind art piece.

I often have a mirror in the open garden room. The mosaic mirror works best there as it has a wooden frame and need some protection from the weather. This mirror was created from ceramic plates, pottery and a salvaged mirror. It has a matching shelf. It hangs in the open garden room in the summer and then returns to the foyer the rest of the year. I am presently making a matching mosaic table for under the mirror.

I do like mirrors in the garden. They emphasis a plant or add to a moonlight garden. Mirrors placed in gardens need to be waterproof with a durable frame. You may have to replace them quite often depending on your weather.

Be creative: add Garden Art to your yard and gardens. It makes weeding more fun!

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One response to “Garden Art – Mosaics add color to your garden”

  1. Geri

    I made my first Mosaic 20 years ago. It’s an addiction and always a new experience. I like the idea of a matching piece for the mirror. Geri

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