Garden Challenges: Dealing with Hail Storms

With Mother Nature calling the weather you never know what challenges you may face in your garden from day to day. So my motto is, always be prepared. Golfball Sized Hail
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One of the worse challenges for your garden is hail.

In my area we don’t have many hailstorms and they only last a few seconds. But a few seconds in a newly planted garden or hail falling on delicate plants can be disastrous!

If you have heard there is a chance of hail and you see that ominous yellow sky you may want to cover some of your more delicate plants. I usually keep larger clay pots near the garden so that I can cover up plants quickly. New Clay Flower Pots
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For larger plants you may want to use metal pails. I even covered a large tomato plants with a 55-gallon garbage can one time. We did have a hailstorm and the tomato plant was fine.

And if you use trellises or plants where plants can climb covering the trellis with a tarp or leaning boards up against the trellis will protect your plants. I usually have attached hooks to my trellised so that I can attack wood pieces to the trellis to make a quick tent if I need to protect the plants from hail or cold weather.

My one relative that lived in an area more prone to hail built flexible row covers to use during the summer season when hails storms seemed to occur. They were light enough he could move them into place in a matter of minutes and cover with a heavy plastic to protect his garden areas.

I think of all garden challenges you can have, hail is one of the worst. You never know when a storm will happen, how long it will last or how much damage it will create. Tomatoes
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So be prepared. Have tarps, covers or pots nearby and listen to the news and watch for that ominous yellow sky.

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