Garden Crafting – How to make a Birdbath

Build a Rustic Birdbath

Find an old log. It should be at least 24″ in diameter. I try to find a 3-foot long log. Searching for your new project should be half the fun.

About 6″ from one end, scratch a large oval shape into the bark. This oval should be several inches larger than the size of the birdbath. Remove the bark from within the oval.

Using a chisel, remove the wood in the center of the oval, leaving a border of barkless wood around the edges of the oval. The sides of the bath should slope to a depth of no more than 3″ in the center.

Using coarse-grained sandpaper, smooth the birdbath well.

Place the birdbath in your backyard or garden. It looks especially nice near a bush, shrub or part of a fence. Placing the birdbath near shrubbery also allows birds to flee to safety in the bush if a predator should appear.

If you add a dripper the birdbath will stays full. Plant plants that like wet feet near the log bath where the overflow from the bath will drip. You will have a natural wild look and great focal point in the yard.

Items you will need

Old log


Coarse-grained sandpaper

This project should take 2 to 3 hours.      

How to Paint and Decorate a Terra Cotta Flower Pot Bird Bath   by Patricia Petrat


This is a great direction for an artsy modern birdbath using terra cotta pots                               

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