Garden in a Bowl – Terrarium container gardening

I have always like Terrariums. They are easy to take care of and always have a unique artsy look. They were very popular in the 1970’s and 80’s but died down. Just recently they have gained popularity again, probably because they are easy to take care of.

Plants are usually picked in a variety of color and textures. There is always added ceramic or rock pieces to add more interest.

Terrariums also make great projects for children to put together and watch grow. 

I just read a great article called “Garden in a Bowl” that was was published in the Bismarck Tribune November 24, 2007 and written by Nzong Xiong.

Besides talking about Terrariums, history of the terrarium is discussed. I had no idea they had been used as long as they have. They were originally referred to as Wardian Cases, named after a London surgeon who had a interest in plants. They became very popular, particularly in the upper social classes.

Before this glass cases were used to transport plants.  Egyptians were know to use glass container for such a purpose. 

If you would like to read the entire article, which also has a list for terrarium plants and suggestion on how to assemble one follow this link:

Terrariums make great gifts. They are easy to take care of and reasonable to assemble. You can also get very creative with the container you chose.

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  1. Ginny

    Terrariums are great gifts and easy to take care of. I received one as a gift years ago and it still look great. I did have to trim a few of the plants that were growing too tall. Nice blog!

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