Garden Planning for January using Small Space Gardening and Recession Gardening

As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, I look more to garden planning for the next year. In my Zone 5 climate gardening is usually in the planning only stage in December and January.  But this year will be different.

For 2010 recession gardening and perennial gardening will become a more important part of my garden plans.

Community gardening has always been an interest to me and recently Recession Gardens their benefits for our health, environment and economy have become a focus of my garden plans for the future.

This year I plan to document my recession garden plans and start early. As a matter of fact I have a winter recession garden ready to start. It’s amazing what you can plant in the winter in the house or a small hoop house or greenhouse. I plan to push the limits of what can be grown and see if I can get more than salad greens, mini tomatoes, herbs and strawberries to produce.

Last years Recession Garden.

Last year I planned a 20-dollar Recession Garden. My goal was to start a garden using only $20 for any seeds or garden tools. I grew 20 plus vegetables, most from seed but some vegetable do better from transplants so I bought a few plants. I easily managed to stay within $20.00, using a few frugal gardening techniques.

Overall the garden was successful. I saved over $2000.00 in grocery bills and still have some of the garden harvest frozen or canned. And I know what chemicals were used on my produce – none!

My biggest changes in gardening last year were the use of small space gardening techniques, more use of container gardening and growing more crops under cover. Our summer was so wet and cold at night I moved most of the garden under cover and plan to garden this way from now on.

Why garden under cover?

  • Less insects
  • it solved the small animal destruction I have had for years
  • more control over climate and moisture issues
  • tomato blight can be controlled easier
  • it leads to time and back saving ideas.
  • extended gardening season
  • your garden location is usually closer to you home, or attached.

But gardening under cover meant I had to learn to water differently, control the climate if I had hot days and make and recycle soil and planters. It was a learning experience and I must admit I lost a few plants.

So this next week is “order any seeds I want” and start my winter recession garden.

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