Garden Planning – It’s time to start planning the garden

Today I received three seed catalogs in the mail. It may seem early to order seeds but I try to order my seeds the first week of January. If I order early I will usually get the seeds I want. 

I grab a cup of tea and sit down and start planning the garden. It takes time to get my seed order down to a reasonable size, order seeds, re-evaluate garden successes and set backs and make or purchase anything you need for the garden.

If you start your own seeds you will need to plan for that too. I also start crops in a cold frame so I will plan for those crops and any cold frame repairs.

For planning out my garden I ask myself: What crops did well? What crops were disappointments? Did I have any insect or pest problems that require netting or fencing? Was water a problem?

Last year was a successful garden so I can breeze through this area.

Next, do I need to repair or make any garden items? YES! My raised beds need repaired and one fence for vines and ornamental gourds is leaning. And I never have enough garden art, but that is the fun part… making new garden art!

I always rotate my crops so that I don’t deplete certain areas of my garden of nutrients and to make sure I don’t plant crops that spread disease through the soil in the same place next season. Tomatoes, potatoes and peppers are crops that should definitely be new garden areas. I make sure I have my garden plans handy for comparison.

I must admit the garden plans for where my crops go take the longest amount of time and its always different when I finally plant my garden too! I always find a fun plant at the greenhouses when I get my transplants.

One of the most important steps in my garden planning is to make every project as easy and possible and to simplify my garden with easy watering, weed free garden planning and making sure the gardens aren’t too big.

When I am planning the garden two ideas are the most important to me: great chemical free vegetables, herbs and flowers and most of all: keeping the garden fun.

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