Garden planning – time to start seeds and make plans.

It’s close enough to spring for me to start some of my seeds, get the cold frames and greenhouse open and to redo my gardens. My Zone 5 winter shows signs of weakening.

I have a busy summer coming so I am simplifying my gardens. Everything will be in containers, hanging baskets or raised beds. Its means a little more building this spring but it will cut down on time later in the summer.

I am also moving all the gardens to the front of the house. It will be faster harvesting, easier watering and closer to the house. Right now my spillover garden is behind the barn and about 1000 feet away from the house. It’s a great place for enjoying the yard or creek but its difficult to water.

At one time I had a garden that was about one acre in size. A one-acre garden took about 12 hours a day to maintain. I have also had as many as 13 mini gardens in one year. Even as much as I like to play in the dirt, both are too much. Gardening always has to stay fun and if the garden takes too much time it almost becomes work.

I do have very nice gardens set up that I don’t want to see go to waste. I may see if a local garden club wants to use them or a neighbor or two.

So my plans for tomorrow are to soak my tomato and pepper seeds (heirloom varieties) for planting the following day. I use a re-potting method for the tomatoes and start a few peppers early for the greenhouse or for ornamental plants. The variegated pepper plants are so pretty and make great hanging baskets.

Gardening season is here!

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