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I remember when I first started gardening.  I took a basket of seeds out to the garden area along with wood stakes and string and just started planting. No planning or thought about where any vegetable went. As I gardened I learned more about companion planting or what plant likes what. I also started using the Square Foot Gardening methods and succession planting. blur
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At that time I learned I needed to sit down a draw out a garden plan. Why? It makes better use of your garden space and helps with succession planting. There are also plants that just grow better with other plants or that attract the same insect so it’s not best to group these in one spot of the garden.

I actually like to plan my garden in the cold winter months. It reminds me of spring and the new garden season coming up. It’s when I set with the seed catalogs and dream of the perfect garden. My one garden was an acre on year and I actually needed the plant to help others find my crops easier.

I don’t make a habit of referring a product so when I do it has to offer a unique product or enough information that I find it to be a “must have product.”

I recently discovered What I like about this program is you can lay out a garden plan very easily. This will be most beneficial to anyone planting a garden for the first time or has limited growing space.

Their blog site also has wonderful information. I was lost in their articles for quite some time. Whether you are a new gardener or have gardened for years, there is always something new to learn. Take a look the site and garden planner.  There are also many helpful articles that will benefit your garden. I think you will be impressed.

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  1. I tried the GrowVeg program a month so and also liked it. They have a 30 day free trial.

    Sunflower Stuff’s last blog post..Sunflower Blogger Templates

  2. Denise

    That’s another thing I like about the program. You get to try it out and see how well you like it. The site also has great gardening information.

    Sunflowers are one of my favorite plats to grow! So cheery and fun to create with! Thanks for stopping by, Denise

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