Garden Plants – Growing the smaller variety Sunflowers

Small sunflowers give you the opportunity to create flower arrangements, fill in bare spots in your garden or yard and grow varieties that are good for collecting and eating the seeds. If you live in an apartment or city these small plants will add color to your porch or balcony.

Below is a list of a few of the more popular varieties.

  • Teddy Bear Dwarf sunflower has big yellow blooms and the plants are only 2 feet high. They are very hardy and make great border plants. The blooms are one of my favorites for cut arrangements.
  • Sunspot sunflowers are a perfect choice if you plan on collecting seeds for eating but do not want a huge plant. They only grow as high as 24 inches tall but produce a lot of blossoms and seeds. Sunflowers are high in natural fat and are great for natural snacks with many beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • If you are looking for one more of the shorter sunflower varieties the Tinies variety is a knee-high plant. It has the traditional yellow sunflower blossoms. These plants also makes a great border plants and arrangements.
  • Prada Red Small variety is one of my favorites! They make great cut flower bouquets and are a stunning red color, which adds to any flower arrangement. They produce many blooms on branching 4-foot-tall stems.


  • At the end of the season you can pick sunflower heads and dry them. I dry mine on a screen so that the petals lay flat. They will hold for quite some time and make great-added decorations on wreaths.
  • If you pick a few heads and put out later in the winter season the birds will visit your yard and add entertainment with their wild antics.
  • Dry your sunflower seeds on a screen so that they dry on all sides evenly. If they are too moist and you put them away they may mold. You can tell by the color and lighter feel if they are drying.

There are many different sizes and colors in sunflowers that make this easy to care for flower and a perfect addition to yards and gardens

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2 responses to “Garden Plants – Growing the smaller variety Sunflowers”

  1. Great article about the more diminutive sunflowers. As far as the birds are concerned sunflower seeds are packed with oils and protein so make an excellent feed for them.

    Karen, Wiggly Wigglers

  2. admin

    Many people get upset with the birds eating the sunflowers in the gardens, but I really enjoy watching them. With a wide selection of sunflowers it attracts more varieties and adds to the entertainment. Denise

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